Salmo Gift Cards

SALMO Gift Cards are available in all shops SALMO and on website in three values – 10, 30 and 50 EUR. The Gift Card provides you a possibility to make a purchase in all shops SALMO in Tallinn and Tartu for the amount of the sum that is covered by the gift card.

Salmo Gift Cards are not transferrable, not refundable, and not redeemable for cash. If the amount of your Gift Card is for more than the total amount, the balance will not be stored with your Gift Card account and the leftover sum of money will be lost. If the amount of your Salmo Gift Card(s) does not cover the total price, you must pay the balance.

The Gift Card serial number and the time of validity must be clearly visibly. All Gift Cards must be administrated with the stamp of the store and with the signature of the seller. The validity of the Gift Card can be seen on the backside of the card. The validity of the SALMO Gift Cards is 12 months.

For more information about Salmo Gift Cards please call to our customer service +372 6775747 or send e-mail to