Purchase unsubscribing and terms of product return

1.1. You have right to unsubscribe purchase after the payment but before shipment delivery if You send an e-mail to logistics@salmo.ee with annulation message. In case of annulation please send us Your order number and bank account number. In case of any questions please call to client service number +372 6 775 747.

1.2. After shipment delivery You have 14 days to return products or change them. In that matter please send message with Your order number to address logistics@salmo.ee or call to our client service number +372 6 775 747.

1.3. In case of order cancellation by 1.1. or unsubscribing purchase by 1.2. Your payment will be returned to Your bank account no later than 30 days after sending a cancellation message. From client will be recouped all expenses from product return delivery to stock.

1.4. Returning item need to be in original package, unused and contain all original packaging items. If product purchased during the campaign and purchase will contain different items, You need to return all products.

1.5. If returning item (and package) is damaged by non-accurate using and not by fault of Zumzum OÜ, then Zumzum OÜ have all rights to make equalization of decreasing the product damages.

1.6. Zumzum OÜ will send to You by e-mail equalization payment. If customer would not accept the equalization payment, there is right to rope an independent expert, who will evaluate damages. All expenses for expertise will be split between customer and Zumzum OÜ, if one party`s position is groundless then that party will bear the costs.

Product change over

If product is unsuitable, You may change it to an other product supposing that new product is available in stock. All expenses by changing products will cover by client.