The shipping price for purchased goods is also reflected on the total price on the invoice. The shipping costs are calculated on the assumption one delivery to one address. If the purchased goods have to be transported on several different addresses, you have to make several orders or to make extra payment according to the Zumzum OÜ invoice.

Zumzum OÜ reserves the right to adjust prices and transportation taxes.

Shipping in the borders of Estonia. The goods are delivered to you by Omniva in the borders of Estonia. The choice between the deliverers can be made during the purchase affirmation.

  • Omniva courier service
  • Omniva terminals
  • Omniva post office

Omniva terminals don’t deliver too long (spinning rods etc.) and too heavy (inflatable boat etc.) goods so the choice can be made only between Omniva courier and Omniva post office. To execute the message, you can see, in this case will have the opportunity to choose only between the Omniva courier and Omniva post office.

Shipping abroad. Salmo online store can also be visited from the foreign country. We got a contract with Omniva service for delivery of purchased goods to 50 countries around the world. The list of countries and the price list can see on Omniva web page. Please make sure that your country is on the list before buying.