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Anneli Vaasa

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About company

Salmo & Luts OÜ was established in August 1998 as Latvian Salmo Ltd (established 1988) subcompany. Goal of Salmo & Luts OÜ is retail and wholesale purchase of tackle and camping goods, repair and after-sale service to offer for customers high quality products, good prices and pleasant service. We sell label`s that belong`s to our company (Salmo, Cobra, Cobra Professional, Norfin, Lucky John, Outland), so as we represent products of world famous brands like Sensas, Heinola, Meiho, Balzer, Myran, AKU, Flambeau, Pradco, Zebco and etc. About this service

Our company policy and organization culture is vased on three basics – high quality of good`s, price and service

Quality. We quarantee a high quality of our good`s - our fishing tackle won`t let You down even in most essential moment. All fishing tacle we sell is made from high quality material`s and we working hard to improve our production and enlarge our product assortment

Price. We offer to our costumer`s our own brand`s so as many world famous brands and representing other great companies. Price`s we offer, are manufacturer`s price`s and without excessive proxy`s we can hold our price`s competitive

Service. To all our good`s will expand Salmo guarantee. If purchased good`s turned out to be damaged or with covered defect, we replace it or give Your money back. For bigger repair works we have our own repair workshop`s and experienced masters. Short order deadline`s, consultation`s, all kind of presentation`s and special offer`s will show to our costumer`s that we are interested to provide a high quality service. Our team is unified and holds a great team spirit. Our goal is to be the best!

We know how important having a good vacation in that restless world, in same time we see that not many of us successfully torn yourself away from business problems and can take a good and undisturbed fishing trip. That’s why we wish that these rear moment`s on fishing waters are filled in best way and all good`s what we offer to You bring a lot`s of joy in being in nature

Enjoy fishing!

Team of Salmo & Luts OÜ